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My fiction focuses on Technothrillers, thrillers and Military SciFi but at their heart, my books are about people caught up in events beyond their control.


My Non Fiction revolves around the trouble I get myself into on my motorcycle during my long distance and adventure riding.

Devil's Gambit


North Korea has stolen three nuclear warheads from a Russian missile base. Their plan; to detonate them over mainland Japan and throw the world's economy and communications into chaos as they finally reunite the two Koreas. 


A joint US and Russian NEST (Nuclear Emergency Search Team) with the help of Navy Seals and British SAS operators must secure or destroy the warheads before they are used to start the next phase in the Korean War.


​Eight Years and 75,000Km on a V-Strom


A collection of my writing about the last eight years and 75,000km travelled across the US and Canada on 2004 Suzuki 650 V-Strom.


Adventure riding isn't just for those who can take a year off and cross borders. It's sometimes about scraping some time together and exploring the country you live in or live close to and meeting the people and seeing the places that make up its heart. It's also about overcoming the other losses life throws at you and dealing with their aftermath in a positive way.



The sins of the father, the sins of the son. 

For years Sheriff Tom Gillman always did what the Baron asked of him. The same as his father did before him. Now that he’s grown a conscience, he’s being run out of town on a rail. 

His last day on the job,Tom decides to rob the town bank but he’s beaten to it by an out of town crew looking to make a fast and easy score. The robbery goes wrong and becomes a hostage situation. 

Now Tom must rescue the hostages and still rob the bank before the Baron’s son, the new Sheriff elect (who will stop at nothing to protect his father’s money) takes control and ruins Tom’s plans.

Devil's Ante

ISBN 978-1-64136-616-8

The murder business has a way of pulling you back in…


Sean Addison is tired of killing in the name of Queen and country. The ex-SAS agent has vowed to never take another life, opting instead to see the world from his motorcycle. But when members of a notorious Columbian cartel try to steal his bike, Sean realizes it’s impossible to keep his killer instincts at bay…


Now with a vengeful cartel and a South American mercenary on his heels, Sean can’t help but be swept up in a global power play. It turns out that the UK is willing to do anything to get at the mineral-rich deposits beneath the cartel’s cocaine empire, and Sean’s ex-partner has been hand-picked to carry out the mission…


With the help of a CIA deserter, Sean’s only way to get out of this mess alive is by putting murder back on the menu…


Devil’s Ante is a high-octane thriller set on the international stage. If you like high-stakes action, complex characters, and global power struggles, then you’ll love Steve Abbott’s gripping tale.


Buy Devil’s Ante to pile on the body count today!

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